Sexy makeup with tanggle pop liptint

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Here are all items that we need for this style makeup!



– Eglips Saranghae Zoo – Primer

– Eglips Saranghae Zoo – Foundation #02

– Eglips Saranghae Zoo Dual Concealer

– Eglips Saranghae Zoo Concealer #01


– Eglips Apple Fit Blusher #03 Sweet Peach

Highlight and Contour:

– Eglips Stick Shadow  #05 Beach

– Eglips Apple Fit Blusher #07 Shading Brown


1- Eglips Apple Fit Blusher #06 Highlighter

2- Eglips Apple Fit Blusher #03 Sweet Peach

3- Bbia Plush Shadow #01 Suede

4-Bbia Plush Shadow #05 Corduroy

5- Bbia Shade And Shadow #04 Cinamon

6- Bbia Pigment #02 Spicy Task


– Eglips Natural Auto Eyebrow : #Dark Brown


– Eglips Easy Quick Brush Pen: #Reak Black

– Eglips  Ultra Auto Gel Eyeliner Q2


– Eglips Tanggle Pop Liptint : #01

Let’s start:

After Skincare and suncreen, let’s start!

Frist, primmer is important as makeup, primer help control oil and long lasting makeup.

Foundation and concealer as the next step to add shimmering layers make up more. Highlight and contour help slim faces and more prominent)
Pinky cheek make attractive face.

Combine the eyeshadows and draw edgy eyeliner make the eyes become attract and charm


Sexy lip with tanggle pop liptint #01


Let’s look!!!


Thanks for watching!!!!! 

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